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keep calm and carry on

2013/09/25(Wed) 22:13

Hi there!
My blog is still alive.
(My looooooooong and difficult problem has NOT finished yet,
but I decided to write my articles on web.
To be honest, I am not good at all about this conflict.
I hope mein suesser Raum will cure me!)

keep calm and carry on

Last week, my friend and I were in London.
(Also we visited at Paris.)
It was so lovely trip.
Firstly, my speaking skill became so bad, sadly.
But, my listening skill was much better.
That's fine.

Secondly, daytime was quite long.
Weather was the winter. But, thanks to sun, we enjoyed travelling.
H&M, M&S, topshop and MUJI, I love them.
Thank a lot, too.

Thirdly, my vegan life was so good. Dishes were so tasty.
We loved restaurants in London.
In the UK, I have no alcohol, no meets and fishes (expect breakfast)
I was Simon Amstellish and I can live as a vegan in the UK!

Finally, our accommodation was so nice.
There is in the centre in London.
I really loved it.

I took pictures, so I will upload them and write a detail.
See you!

@ Frankfurt Flughafen(Airport)

That's fine. とか So good. とかはすぐ反応できたんだけどねぇ。

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